About Pawsabilities

I have raised various pets over the years, but my absolute favorite is the feline. I decided to step up my involvement with cats and began showing my first Bengal. I absolutely loved showing and learning about not just the Bengal breed but all the beautiful and unique breeds. I gained a lot of knowledge during shows from long-time breeders whom many I now consider wonderful friends. After thorough research and planning I began my breeding program under mentorship. After a few years of breeding and showing, I became intrigued by the Selkirk Rex and began researching the breed. I noticed there were not many Selkirk Rex at the shows in my region at the time, and I decided I wanted to start showing a selkirk rex kitten. In the middle of searching for a show kitten, the infamous COVID shutdown happened. After several conversations with another breeder that was looking to stop breeding Selkirk Rex, we decided I would bring in her current program to start out my own program.

I am excited to be working with this cute, curly and cuddly breed. It is my goal to produce healthy, happy and social Selkirk Rex while striving to meet the breed standards set forth by TICA and CFA.



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