Pawsabilities Feel That Fire aka Bentley

Highlandkatz Stayin Alive x Pawsabilities Roll Withit

DOB 4/19/22

Photo credit Sami Kerr

Bently screened clear of HCM with Dr Eva M Oxford, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (Board Certified Cardiologist) on 5/13/23


Coat/color genetics: XOY, A/A, E/E, w/w, D/D, cs/cs, B/b, Sh/lh, Mc/mc1

Pawsabilities RollWithit “Rolo”-Reference Stud

DOB 4/6/21

Sire: RW SGC Kshc Descendants of Nudawnz Dame: Nika Star Gordeniya Cherry

Screened HCM negative on 12/23/21 with Dr. Julia Shih, DVM, DACVIM (cardiology) at CVCA

Rolo screened clear of the 50 diseases included in Wisdom Panel-OS

Blood type A, A/A, C/cs, D/d, B/B, Sh/lh

Nika Star Faraon Chelsea-Reference Stud

Faraon Chelsea Nika Star-retired

Screened Negative for HCM at CVCA on 7/30/2020 with Julia Shih, VMD, DACVIM